What is Dog Agility?

Dog agility is a team sport where owners direct their dogs around a course of around 20 obstacles which can include jumps, contact equipment, tunnels and weave poles.

It is a fast and furious sport against the clock where both accuracy and speed are important.

Agility is a great way to give a dogs mind and body exercise. Dogs are intelligent animals and while we pay attention to giving them enough physical exercise we often we can neglect to give them the mental stimulation they need.

Dog agility started in England in the 1970s as a demonstration sport at Crufts dog show. Agility continues to grow both in the UK and across the world, and is one of the most popular dog sports.

Agility is a dog sport and can be trained from basic foundations up to high international standard. It is a great way to meet like minded dog lovers, but be warned it can be a very addictive hobby!!!

All dogs can be trained to do agility, from toy breeds to large dogs, no matter what the size, pedigree or cross breed. In the UK the herding breeds are popular such as border collies, and some of the gun dogs, such a cocker spaniels are very popular. However all healthy dogs can enjoy agility. 

Agility Competitions

Dogs are classified according to their height and experience agility competitions. With less experienced dogs competing over simpler courses with these increasing in complexity as dogs progress through the grades.

Agility competitions in the UK range from unaffiliated fun competitions to the highest level competitions such as Crufts and Olympia.

In the UK there are two major competition organisations:

The Kennel Club

Agility was first introduced to the UK at Crufts 1978 by the Kennel Club

They offer a number of different jump height categories for different dog height

They offer a number of levels to progress through starting in grade 1 progressing up to grade 7 also know as Championship level


UK Agility

UK Agility was established in 2004. It offers competitions around the UK. They offer standard classes (agility and jumping), steeplechase and games classes

5 jump heights at 600mm (Maxi), 500mm (Standard), 400mm (Midi), 300mm (Toy) and 200mm (Micro) – for Nursery and Casual only

Progression- They offer a number of levels to progress through from Beginners, Novice, Senior to Championship