Puppies and Young Dogs

Puppy classes – from 16 weeks

Puppy's first day at class

Puppies as young as a few months old can start to build on foundations that will help them learn the skills for future agility careers, but also make them great pets to live with too!

It is important that we protect our young puppies – so exercises are tailored for puppies to protect their growing bodies. Agility training for puppies and young dogs is about building a great relationship between you and your dog.

Young dog classes – from 8 months plus

These classes are for slightly bigger puppies and young dogs! This class is for teenagers puppies 8 months plus that are starting to sequence low jumps and tunnels. We also start contact foundation on low equipment. We continue to work on focus and drive in the group environment, and increase the amount of agility based skills

With both our puppies and young dogs we work on the following


We work on getting your puppy or young dogs to be happy and motivated for both food and toy rewards. We teach them how rewards can come in many shapes and sizes, We use rewards to help build drive to work in partnership with their handler but also how to manage excitement how to remain calm when required.

Basic body awareness

Proprioceptive exercises – help our puppies and young dogs to complete exercises that help with their body awareness which are the building blocks for successful agility career.

Basic agility handling techniques 

We cover the basics of agility handling techniques introducing front crosses, blind turn and many more. Agility training is not just about the dogs- handlers need training too!

Getting started

We recommend following our online foundation course which will teach you and your young dog many of the foundations perfect for starting your agility career together.

Book lessons

We have a waiting list in operation, please add yourself using the link below stating age of your puppy or young dog and you will be notified when the next sessions are available for booking.