Meet Abigail’s Dogs


Brizzle is The latest addition. She is a lovely smart Border Collie puppy who is currently learning how to be a confident and happy puppy.

She has started age appropriate foundations; learning how to focus, play around others and how to learn with enthusiasm. She is a joy to live with and train and has a promising future ahead of her


Missfit is a talented little cocker spaniel, who struggled a little bit with confidence. The focus with her has been increasing her ring confidence at shows. This approach, allowing her to take her time and improve at her pace is paying off.

She now competes at Championship level (grade 7), and in her first year in grade 7 was very successful, winning two reserve championship certificates, and won the British Open at the Kennel Club International Agility Festival.

She was also invited to be part of the Kennel Club Great Britain squad process in 2023. Missfit has been selected to represent Great Britain in the 2023 IMCA world championships in Holland.

Beef, the red and white collie

Beef is a talented border collie, who attacks agility with a huge amount of enthusiasm.

In his first year of competing he won the Agility round of the novice at the Kennel Club International Agility Festival.

Beef currently runs at Championship level (grade 7) and has qualified for the semi-finals of the London Horse show (formerly known as Olympia), and has made numerous Championship finals

Annervalley Cassie

Wiggy, a rescue working cocker competed at Championship Level (Grade 7).

She has represented Great Britain twice at the IFCS World Championships, England at the World Agility Open (WAO) and the Kennel Club Great Britain Team at the European Open and FCI World Championships.

She is currently embracing retirement on the sofa.

Oggy the working sheepdog

Oggy was a rescue working sheep dog. He competed at Championship level (Grade 7), represented Great Britain twice where he won gold and bronze medals at the IFCS World Championships.

Oggy remained wild up until his latter years. He passed away in 2022 and is sorely missed.

Gundog Daisy

Despite being a nervous rescue Springer, our first agility dog went on to compete and win at Crufts in the Starters Cup.

Unfortunately her agility career was cut short by injury. Daisy lived to be 14 years old and had the kindest soul of any dog. We still miss her to this day.