Improvers and Pre-competition Groups


These are for more experienced dog and handler partnerships. That have completed our foundation classes. We finish teaching the dogs the equipment to a standard that they could compete if they wanted to. These participates are sequencing longer sequences and are finishing training their contacts and weaves. Many of our improvers classes are now competing 🙂

Pre-competition group

Attendance in these groups is always given to our existing trainees. Who have worked their way through our existing classes. These are starting out in competitions or training to that standard. We often encourage these groups to start at steeplechase and fun competitions and work towards kennel club competitions

Improvers and pre-comp groups


These are for dogs and handlers that are progressing in their agility training and nearly learnt all the pieces of equipment including contacts and weaves. These classes are suitable for those dogs that have completed our foundation classes at Baba or at other agility schools.

Course walking / running

These groups are for those aiming to compete with their dogs. We practice running longer sequences and choice making when walking the courses.

Fun competitions

To help bridge the gap between training and competition we often hold fun competitions. Please contact for group availability.

Getting started

We recommend following our online foundation course which will teach you and your young dog many of the foundations perfect for starting your agility career together.

Book lessons

We have a waiting list in operation, please add yourself using the link below stating age of your puppy or young dog and you will be notified when the next sessions are available for booking.