Beginners Agility

Beginners foundation agility

Dog clears a low jump

Agility is an exciting way to have fun with your dog, improving handler and dog fitness, whilst strengthening the bond between dog and owner. No experience is necessary. Our foundation classes are suitable for both beginner dogs and handlers. As it is a group situation we ask that dogs in this class are over 11 months old and OK around other dogs.

We welcome all shapes and sizes of dogs and handlers at Bristol and Bath agility including those totally new to agility. All our agility training positive and reward based, force free training. We use toys and treats to motivate and train the dogs to complete the various obstacles. By registering using the link below you will be notified by email when our next block of beginners lessons is available to book. These are 6 week blocks.

At Baba we progress through the following classes-

Beginners foundation 1,2 suitable for complete beginners

Beginners foundation plus- suitable for those who have completed the above groups or had 121 lessons

Improvers – precomp- suitable for dogs and handlers that are able to complete most of the equipment, they may just be finishing contacts and weaves. These groups are heading towards competition level of competence.

Competition groups – for grades 1-7 competing dogs and handlers

Online foundation course

A dog reluctant to start training

Whilst waiting to join our in person classes, or to start you and your dog off in the right direction so you can get the most out of classes we recommend you complete our online foundation course.

The online course takes you through the best way to reward your dog, how to get focus and starts you off on your handling foundations. No equipment is necessary and can be done at home and in your garden.



Your dog must be healthy as dog agility is physically demanding, especially for the dog.
We ask that dogs are at least 11 months old before joining our agility groups, it is not advisable to allow dogs under this age to complete any high impact activities as their growth plates may not have closed. High impact activities before this age can cause injury to your dog.
We do run special foundation classes for younger dogs and puppies, please ask us for further details if you are interested in this.
All types dogs are welcome at Bristol and Bath agility but if your dog is reactive 121 lessons may be more appropriate.
If you are looking to join our groups we ask that your dog has some recall (if you have difficulties with this they may need to remain on a long line, we can give you exercises to help your recall if required).
It is important to train at your dog and handler skill level to ensure dogs remain safe.


We welcome both adult and junior handlers. We are lucky to train in a level paddock in the summer and astro turf in the winter
We run a number of beginners agility groups at differing times please register your interest online to be notified of any spaces.

What to bring to your agility lesson

Most importantly, a sense of humour, dog are not machines and sometimes training doesn’t always go to plan, so please don’t let this worry you!
Please wear comfortable clothes and trainers. In the summer we train outdoors but we are lucky enough to have an indoor venue for winter, but please dress accordingly.
We ask that all dogs wear a flat collar, and preferably a harness for beginner dogs ( this can help with restraining the dogs in training).
Please bring plenty of treats or toys for your dog, and a clicker. If your dog is used to being in crate please bring this with you to give it some down time in between goes.

Where does this take place?

All our agility is based at Fern Farm. In the summer our agility in in a lovely level paddock enclosed by stock fencing. In the winter we have the use of a lovely barn.

What will you cover?

Although many dogs and handlers love agility – it is harder than it looks! You will start on foundations building you and your dogs understanding of the equipment but also how you, as the handler steer them around the course.
Your dogs will be introduced to low height jumps both on turns and in a straight line, your dog will lean how to negotiate the tunnel and will be introduced to low contact equipment. You will be given homework as there are many things you can practice away from the equipment.
we aim to teach agility foundations correctly so whether you want to just do it for fun or compete at the highest level you are taught in the same way. so your dog has a good understanding before progressing to the next stage.


Beginners agility is booked in 6 week blocks. The cost is £75 (non refundable) for a 6 week course, payable at your time of booking. We have new beginners groups starting throughout the year and at varying times and dates so please contact us for further details.

Getting started

We recommend following our online foundation course which will teach you and your young dog many of the foundations perfect for starting your agility career together.

Book lessons

We have a waiting list in operation, please add yourself using the link below stating age of your puppy or young dog and you will be notified when the next sessions are available for booking.