Abigail’s Journey into Agility..

Started with rescue springer spaniel, Daisy.

Daisy was a failed gun dog and terrified of everything! She required lots of confidence building to help her enjoy the agility game.

She went on to win up the grades, winning the Novice cup agility at the Kennel club International Agility festival and competing and winning at Crufts.
Unfortunately injury cut short her agility career, but she enjoyed her retirement as a happy family pet with Abigail and her family.
Daisy the springer spaniel
Daisy the springer spaniel

Next followed Oggy..

Oggy the working sheepdog
Oggy the working sheepdog

A rescue working sheep dog, this small bundle of fur came with a big set of problems.

Oggy was very reactive, just living in a busy world was a challenge for this dog. Being around the agility rings used to turn him into a screaming whirling dervish.
The discovery of Leslie McDevitts’ book, ‘Control Unleashed’, changed their journey together for good, and Abigail worked on calming Oggy’s behaviours.
Oggy went on to win up the grades and competed at Championship level (grade 7) in the UK making many National finals. He also represented Great Britain at the IFCS World Agility Championship winning and individual gold and team bronze medals.

And then came Wigfield..

A rescue working cocker, who arrived at 18 months old not house trained, Wigfield had no idea how to walk on a lead or to come back, if let off it.

She had absolutely no interest in playing with toys or engaging in any training. With time and patience Wigfield learnt to enjoy agility and soon progressed up the grades wining into grade 7.
She has competed at every National Championship including UKA finals, Olympia, Crufts, British open, Medium ABC, Crufts singles and Championship.
She has represented Great Britain twice at the IFCS World Agility Championships, The World Agility Open, winning a bronze medal, and Great Britain as part of the Kennel Club Squad at the European Open and the FCI World Championships. Wiggy is proof that with the right training any dog can reach its potential.
Annervalley Cassie - Wigfield
Annervalley Cassie – Wigfield

Beef – a talented young collie..

Beef is Abigail’s young Collie, he is just starting his competitive career.

In his first season he had numerous wins, including winning the Novice Cup agility round at the Kennel Club Agility International Festival. He is a pleasure to train and a truly lovely dog to live with.
Beef, the red and white collie
Beef the sheepdog

The newest addition..Missfit

Welcome to the family a happy little working cocker puppy Missfit.

She has started her agility foundations and is turning into a happy, fun and confident puppy.
Missfit, a working cocker puppy
Tufty head first lady